Wednesday, October 1, 2014


A friend of mine gifted me a film camera. These were taken on it and it has driven me to taking more pictures. Willie thanks for teaching me those basics the experience of having a photo be appreciated is so rewarding. I plan on getting back into the 501 Blogspot with these and because you and Ben have been holding it down!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Coolest Bike Cop

Why can't vancouver cops be more like this guy. I think he got fired when this video blew up...

Friday, May 16, 2014

Shithawk Tank

Here's the tank, after several ups and downs I'm glad how it came together , it's not perfect but I am real happy with how it's lookin.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Shithawk Tank work

   Trimmin some of the fat off the tank, some of the previous bondo chipped off during the process as expected so I'll have to fill those spots but pretty happy with how its turning out.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Project: Shithawk PT I

While perusing kijiji I came across an ad for one 1982 Honda Nighthawk 750, "Hasn't ran for 2 years...cosmetically not the nicest, but ran well" It looked like it had a Cb engine in it after a bit of research on this bike i found out that hiding underneath the weirdo 80s sport/cruiser cross over shit, there was indeed a CB750 hiding, the CB750SC  aka "nighthawk" before nighthawks were their own thing. He assured me it had just sat in the shed for the last two years as he got a new bike at that time. This was one of the few people i've dealt with that actually seemed like an honest  guy and wasn't trying to hide anything, he also told me he drained all the oil etc as he knew he was putting it away for a long time. Feeling like I could trust him it seemed like it could be a fun flip.        Especially since I already have some spart parts laying around. .............

After getting it home I immediately started pulling shit off it, partly because i was anxious to get it naked to start planning its future, but mostly just becuase its one heavy big booty batch and it was at the bottom of a sloped driveway haha. 

Once I got the tank off, I was surprised/bummed to find what was goin on on the frame, instead of one top tube coming down there was one down the middle then two coming around the side, rendering all tanks i had in mind for the project useless. Getting worried that It was either going to take some serious frame modification or a long time hunting for a 79-82 Cb750K or similar tank to fit the wide daddy frame, I decided to check back on my good friend KIJIJI......

One "honda tank" search later, there it was, 1979 Honda CB Tank posted 20hrs ago, $20, Most prep work done. After getting ahold of the guy I found out it was located a block away from my house, walked over, picked it up, and walked er home.The tank was clean on the inside, sanded and bondo'd on the out, block away, for $20 I still cant get over the coincidence/how well that worked out. So project Shithawk was back on track .

this is already long winded and probably written out worse than a preschooler so I'll stop for now and continue in the next post.