Thursday, December 9, 2010

fuck you winter

here's a few photos from the summer time that i enjoy looking at.

the first one is an ollie photo my friend kelsey shot on the top floor of a parkade thats being torn down. there's a hotel right across from that and i had two bro's lurking it out the whole time. huge confidence booster, i wanted to land it so we could maybe be good friends one day

the second photo is from the first week or so of owning my bike.

the third one makes me pretty happy just looking at it. this summer was one of the better ones ive ever had and motor bicycles definetley had alot to do with that. an average day was me coming home from work downtown, meeting up with willy and ben and going for a schralp wherever the road took us (sometimes around the lake,sometimes downtown, one time down douglas park hill, one time through a skatepark). no matter what, every ride was awesome.

hey benedict and toby, move to regina this summer? ok cool that sounds good