Tuesday, December 21, 2010

guess who got to kill things today.

thats right....... I DID!   :(

we got fresh eel in today, and last year they were dead, but today.... they were so, so alive.
but you cant just keep them in the cooler in a bucket o water, so i was told to put them in a bucket and then put some ice on them.......... so i did but they got out, so i had to wrangle them up and put a lid on it, poor lill guys what an cold grave i had to make for them, oh well ill just have to add it to the list of things i have killed in the name of (you just cant keep them alive.

                             THE LIST OF
                                   6 mice
                         way to many lobsters
                                   1 bird
                             6 Lb of snails
                 85 wasps over one summer
                  (i have a kill card for that)


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