Thursday, January 13, 2011

A to B

Bens bicycle ( I think?) While heavily intoxicated I tried to ride away from seven eleven with a 15 pound bag of firewood in one hand. The chain fell off and I ran kenyan speed wheeling the bike with one hand and carrying the firewood with the other. Turns out, no one was chasing me. I also lit my shoes on fire later on in the evening, while wearing them.
Trying to pick up my lady friend from a farm party, got directions from a not farmer, tried to do things with a honda civic that were questionable for a 4x4 truck. Needless to say, I lost the battle. Stuck in the middle of nowhere, can't call for someone to pick me up because the phones dead and I don't know where I am. Ended up drinking with farmers that minutes earlier threatened to shoot me for being on their land.

Old car and I regret selling it. I know the girl who owns it and I still have a spare key...Grand theft auto=501

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