Friday, February 25, 2011

Stick and Poke-A How To

Getting a stick and poke is an event in your life on par with getting married, wearing a cool pair of sunglasses, or sky diving. The name " Stick and Poke" is quite self explanatory, a sewing needle is used to stick and then poke your skin, driving in ink and inflicting pain. Here are some materials you'll need to get started:
-10-12 beer (malt liquor preferred but others will do)
-High pain tolerance, or friends that won't judge your tears
-Sewing needle
-India Ink
-Someone willing to do the stick and poke
-Someone stupid enough to recieve it

During the process, it might look a little like this. You may be asking yourself, "Are menthol ciggarettes necessary?" The answer to this is yes, they physically can't work without them.

After all is said and done (or sad and done), it should look exactly like this to a tee.
If it doesn't heal proper, obtain your malt liquor and try again!

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