Wednesday, June 15, 2011

self explanatory

The Colt 45 is a mysterious beverage engineered by lab scientists at Nasa. While most beers are costly and low in percentile, a hero of a man once decided that getting drunk should never cost you more than 8 dollars (Apparentley 2 in the states). Once you have acquired the taste for it, it's actually not that bad, especially with the addition of orange juice. You get to haul around a big bottle which ends up being a large return at sarcan, or a good weapon for a street fight. Some say it tastes better when its in a bag, some say its hangovers are illegal in some countries, some say that the beer has captured the taste of poverty in a bottle. Regardless of what they say, the black guy from star wars likes it so you should too.

It may also improve your parachute game, and for this fact, the Colt 45 is a king among beers.


  1. i was scared of that happening and then it did. its been fixed so CHILL BRO