Tuesday, January 24, 2012

widows e.p. attack in black

this E.p. was on hi rotation in the summer and fall of 06, and has been on hi rotation tonight as i "crushed" the first draft of my application essay for N.C.A.D.

this is the first paragraph.
my first experience with making art in a way that i feel connected with others, that added to culture in a real way was drawing up posters and designs t-shirt for local shows and local bands, shirts that i sold in dark sweaty clubs, worn as a punctuation to a statement of self, posters hung off street posts and mail boxes adding to collective shrines and surreal collages of the past protests, punk bashes, metal Mondays and official after party party's. the notes, rhythm and composition of the well walked street is still to this day my biggest influences, tho i may stray into the plains that surrounding me, that kinetic energy is never far from my feet or hand.

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  1. this band is one of my favorites ever. and this ep is solid front to back. don't know what else there is to say about something good.