Monday, February 27, 2012

i love this photo. willie took it of andy's bike. i got to ride that beast this summer, and i might have pissed my pants while doing it but i didn't want to ruin andy's seat. so crazy compared to any bikes i've ever rode and so fun. have to admit i was little scared shitless riding that monster with the forward controls while andy looked on with one eye closed, probably regretting letting me take that thing for a rip. willie tried it first and made it look easy to ride (which im sure it is after riding it for a bit) but i found it was a whole different experience once behind the bars. not comparable to any japanese bike i've ever rode, thats for sure.

thanks again andy!


  1. Hey Liam, #1 cool post, #2 there's this messageboard for Regina hardcore you should post on. get an account and join the party

  2. No problem Liam thanks for not dumping it!