Monday, September 24, 2012

the wizard hunter

this is my newest bike, the wizard hunter. slowly but surely its starting to take its transformation from what i bought it as, into my own bike. its already had its fair share of ups and downs but this is without a doubt the most fun bike i have ever owned. its loud, fast and exciting..exactly what you'd want out of a motorcycle. i spend a lot of time staring at it, more time riding it, and an equally big portion of time trailering it/hyper extending my knee kickstarting at it/calling it a 'mark ass trick' when it breaks down. either way, the wizard hunter has bright plans to become a daily shredder and i cant wait to get it to that stage. shhhhrrrrrrrrrralp!

post edit: this bike was built by the very talented Jordan Epp. Check out his blog at !!


  1. Good to see her being shredded. Take it easy on the knee. I'm enjoying seeing Dale hunt for wizards. Kill'em all!