Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fuck Work Go Travel.

 Did some traveling over the last few weeks saw the first 70cc Puch in Worcester MA which was a rad little push start whip. Then that Honda CB350 was in Brooklyn NY while walking to Smith Street Tattoo. That last bike is a terrible picture I took outside of this rad banger bar in NY called Saint Vitus Rigid Yamaha 650 done just right bare metal look with brown accents. Lastly got that tough guy sticker by Dan Santoro at Smith Street!

Also went to Gainseville FL for Fest 11! didn't get much in pictures but here are some videos of some of the bands I checked out. Polar Bear Club, Make Do and Mend, Dear Landlord, and Broadway Calls doing a Green Day cover set at the after party in the hotel on the last night.