Wednesday, November 7, 2012

dert bykez

 I haven't seen a ton of SR 500 choppers but this one is literally perfect in my mind. Pretty blown away by how well the engine looks with a chopper body going on. the bars, sissy bar and exhaust are also such nice touches and im really diggin the paint too.
                                                                            DAT ASS
these photo's are stolen from a blog that most of you are probably familiar with, but if not its well worth checking out and will give you extreme motorcycle boners. to an uncomfortable/painful extent.   <--link


the video attached in the link above is fuckin rad and something I want to get into more again. I used to ride dirtbikes when i was a kid and ive caught the bug again and want to get into the dirt. we all need enduros!! in other news, ben and i now have a garage space to work in that's almost heated (heated enough, im growing out chest hair to compensate/stay warm/stay handsome). we've been getting alot done on our bikes, the XT is coming along well and ben's DT 175 is looking more ruggedly handsome every time we go work on them. update on those bikes coming soon!

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