Wednesday, February 20, 2013


As you can see SGI is proposing an appalling rate increase for all motorcycles resulting in motorcycle owners having to pay in some cases way more than double their current rate especially purveyors of classic bikes

You can help by signing an online petition at:
Sending an Email to SGI :
Spreading the word through Instagram/Twitter/Facebook etc. Feel free to use the fuck out of the first image that I made for this atrocity

Here's a copy of the letter I sent SGI:

To Whom It May Concern,

Like many young adults, my motorcycle is the only motored transportation I can afford. By hiking rates this drastically, it will leave many of us without our only mode of transportation. If SGI is in need of funds they shouldn't be getting it by holding motorcyclists by the ankles and seeing what they can shake out. 
All drivers should be held responsible for their accidents regardless of what vehicle you drive, if you cause physical harm to someone due to negligent driving, you yourself should be helping cover medical costs/pay outs, This would also result in all drivers being safer on the road. Maybe people would actually put down their phone and drive with some attention to the road if THEY themselves are responsible if they hurt someone. As a motorcyclist I (like most/if not all cyclists) drive with great caution, constantly having to watch out for drivers who roll through stop signs, pull out right in front of you, lane change without shoulder checking etc. 
Motorcyclists understand that if they are in an accident they are likely to get seriously injured, or even die, so they drive as such. Most passenger vehicle drivers do not drive with this mentality which results in minor attention to the road while driving. 
We all know that nearly all accidents involving a motorcycle is the fault of a passenger vehicle not paying attention. Who do you think is really costing SGI money? Motorcyclists that drive knowing their life is on the line every time they get on their bike, or passenger vehicle drivers who think answering that text from Stacy is more important than other motorists lives. 
Please stop and use a bit of logical thinking before gauging people who don't deserve it. 

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