Sunday, April 7, 2013

finally making some progress on the wizard and it feels awesome. still tons of work left but some of the more major bits are finally outta the way. gotta mount the sissy, fender, make pegs, mount tank, mount seat and install the PMA system so this thing can charge a fuckin battery for once. i also have to clean up this tank i scored for it so i'm gonna try to reline it myself. but i'm happy to finally have a clear vision for the bike and be able to go after it. i've never been so hyped on my bike! re-did the pipes because the angle was off and started on other bits like re painting the frame and polishing all the dirty bits. the wizard hunter is comin along!

also here's an awesome bike flick that i'm enjoying while hermiting at home because 95% of my friends live somewhere else now hahaha. hopefully this winter from the bowels of hell ends soon so i can relearn what riding a motorcycle feels like. the link i provided is part 4 because i couldn't find part 1 for some reason, but go back and find it and watch it from the start. it rules!

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  1. Looking good Bro Bob, whered you score the tank?