Friday, May 31, 2013


 new GPS system I installed on my bike
 ruthless road warriors, super bummed nobody wore leather chaps
 cody's sporty is so nice I had to tuck it in the waistband
i finally know what DMX felt like filming that "ruff ryders" music video, one of my life goals achieved
 josh once showed me a shirt online that read "mo-peds, mo-pussy!". he should've bought it
 on the way to get an adult soda or three
FUCK YEAH! The first Shralp Saturday was a success! Turn out was much bigger then I expected and the ride went out relatively hitch free. Elias broke down (choppers amirite), Chase almost dumped his bike (my fault) and we lost Josh and Sabrina due to high speed roads but outside of that it was smooth sailing. Can't wait for next weeks and wish that all of you 501 bro dude fellas coulda been present. Seeya at the next one and TELL YO FRENS!

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  1. Fuck yea man! Stoked your doing this, bringing people together for the fun of it! Keep it up bros! Wish we could be there.