Tuesday, June 25, 2013

shralp saturdays vol. 3

This past Saturday was the third edition of Shralp Saturday and I had a tit of a good time. All day prior to leaving out to Buffalo Pound some grim ass dark ass stankin ass clouds were sitting over Regina and thunderstorms were scheduled to take place too. I did a reverse rain dance which involved a lot of twerking and head spins and seemed to reverse the clouds, because by 5 o' clock the sky had cleared up and it was looking like the rain may hold off. We all met up in Grand Coulee at Andy's, got prepped waxed our legs and headed out. Eli was on his CB 750, Nolan was on his XL 250 (which is so sick by the way) Andy was on his Shovel, Ben and I rolled on T's and my lady provided the chase truck which was basically just full of hotdogs and 3 or 4 wrenches. It was such a nice ride out, and once we arrived we got a little lost trying to find our tent site and ended up riding some fun gravel roads into the hills before we turned around and headed back towards the campsite. Tent's were pitched (interpret that any way you like), beer's were downed, campsites were temporarily lit on fire (thanks nolan) fish weren't caught (we can pretend) and overall it was a super good time. The only bummer of the trip for me was waking up at 6 in the morning to throw up the 154 hot dogs I ate the night before, but I deserved that and kinda had it coming so it was alright. That morning we rolled back to Regina and the ride was perfect, I was so bummed I had to go to work because I wanted to keep riding all day. When rolling back into Grand Coulee Ben's fender bolt snapped and his XT was extra brappin due to the friction of the fender on the tire, but he fixed it once we were at Andy's and we headed home. Solid roll and I can't wait for the next one!!

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  1. Fuck yea! HAhaha so good dudes! wish we could be there sooo bad, fucking jealous!