Thursday, July 25, 2013

born free 5

Born Free 5 was the best trip I've been on in my life. I have so many stories/memories from the journey, and the funny part was that the actual show was (in comparison to everything else, it was still amazing) the least exciting part of the whole vacation. It was everything that happened before and after that made it such an unbelievable time. Once fixed the Wizard chomped california highways like a professional and that was the best feeling in the world. The event was giant which makes me wonder what it's going to be like in future years, considering the first year it was an event in a parking lot where they supplied free hotdogs and drinks and about 30 people showed up (so a friend told us anyways). It's an overwhelming experience seeing that many bikes in one place, you probably see a cone shovel chop as often as you'd see a white truck in the parking lot at a rider game so that's a bit of a mind melt. All the chopper guys you look up to are out there milling around with everybody else and all of the ones we met seemed to be the most down to earth guys without any ego whatsoever. Definitely an experience of a lifetime. I'm going next year, this should be an annual 501 vacation in my opinion!

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