Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dive In, Fuck up, And Learn.

Alright so I was thinking it was time for me to become a man... Turns out I thought that meant riding my sporty across the country and back... Well I don't really feel nearly as manly as I thought I would but here's how it went down!

First few days were good rides, got in to Regina with just enough time to hang with Benny before heading down south across the border. The I-94 was literally the most boring drive got a few pictures but over all going the through the states is definitely more for making better time unless you wanna feel like your driving through Saskatchewan for three days. The last picture there was my first repair when my bracket holding my taillight crapped out, I ended up finding a machine shop with a Napa would made me two more with one as a back up.

Camping out was easier than I thought America has tons of the Jellystone Campsites which are about 25-30 bucks and have showers, Wi-Fi, and almost like a gated community trailer park. Felt more comfortable with that then my bike sitting in the few Hotel parking lots I did grab a couple of times. Went through Chicago needed some oil quickly lurked ChopCult for a shop worth stopping by and that's where that CB750 was. This shop called Chewies that was pretty simple and the dude was so bummed I got there 1 minute before closing time. That bridge was a great view after the border crossing from Detroit into Windsor ON.

Made it to Toronto!
Town Moto hooked me up with a spot to do a oil change and the supplies do so with some other tuning up the whip needed. Frank The Tank and I in the middle there, he is just the raddest dude he holds down Solid Cycles. Building American Muscle V-Twins from the ground up for a living.. (Oh and he is a body builder seriously.. look at his index finger alone) I ended up going through the TWO taillight brackets and he ended making me on out of 3/16" flat bar instead of 1/8" at one point he was bending it with out heat by hand. Seriously such a rad dude. Easy Restaurant is Moto themed diner that's all about Easy Rider and has some of the best Eggs benny you'll ever eat.

Gravenhurst TO Cottage Country and peaceful place where my friend was spending the weekend. Took the silver bullet there only to shralp around on the most calm waters in a fishing boat and take in the scenery.

Here's 2 of the 2019873401784 repairs I had on my way home. These two cost me the most time and money to get straightened but either way could of been a lot worse. Had a lot of support from the dudes in Boneyard and the ones around from 501!

After this I didn't take to many pictures because how unreal the hang was in Saskatoon was with boneyard crew, Liam, Brian Jessop, Jordan Epp, and a bunch of other rad folks who were just to stoked that "that guy on Instagram from Toronto" made it to the CHOPMEET!

Overall it was just an unreal trip learned a lot different things along the way. Can't wait to do another one!

(just a little gif of Brian leading me out of the toon to head home)

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