Tuesday, May 21, 2013

progress/shralp saturdays!

 2/3 bikes completed now which is a really good feeling. I got all the lights working, new cables, levers, chain and overall tune up on green latifah a few days back. So far she's running great and I'll be putting her on the road right away! (as soon as my broke ass has money to plate it)
 I've been spending a lot of nights at Elias's trying to get all the final fabrication stuff out of the way on the wizard. Ben was over this night and we were trying to figure out my footpeg dilemma..which we still haven't solved. In this particular photo we were debating if running no foot pegs and feet on the engine cases was a good idea. I'm gonna guess it's probably not

 Did the 6 over swap on the wizard and could not believe how trouble free it was. The tubes fit the tree's perfectly, axle slotted through the new forks with no issues, the only thing I had to do was shorten the drum brake stay that connects to where the fender mount would be on the inside of the forks as it was a little long. I drilled a hole in it, grinded off the excess, flap disked it to make it look clean and threw it back on and away we went. I'm so fuckin stoked on the stance!!
This is the first event I've ever put on and I'm hoping a few will come out. I planned the ride route yesterday and I think/hope/really hope it's gonna be a good time. If you live in Regina and ride a bike, come out and let's do this!!

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