Tuesday, May 14, 2013

seXT 500

Having an enduro bike is easily one of the best decisions anybody could make, aside from breathing and changing your underwear periodically. Since Silver Bill has been running right I have spent basically all my time riding this bike everywhere and through everything. Heading out in the evening to the edge of the city to find flooded ditches to cross, mud to rip through, hitting wheelies in the street using just the throttle and no clutch...this bike is always entertaining and so far it has proved itself and then some. Ben and I ripped out of town for the first time yesterday and my T cruised comfortably at highway speed, despite the fact that I have a huge dirt only knobby on the back and my front wheel needs to be trued. I also took my mom out for mothers day on it and she was pretty hyped. I love how this bike sounds and how it feels to ride, and since I've been after one for so long its a pretty glorious feeling every time I kick it to life and get to take it out. Dream bike for sure! Wearing boots is a definite for kick starting, because if your T catches you slippin wearin regular ass shoes and decides to kick back you're going to feel it. No flip flops allowed here bro. There is a procedure to follow for starting which once you have dialed makes starting the bike easily do able (maybe just do-able), but there are so many things you can't do when starting and if you do happen to do them, you can kick your T until rosie o donnel is a high jump olympic champion or DMX releases a country western album because you're not going anywhere.

Since I'm about as talented as a mechanic as Steve Erkel is at body building, I also enjoy the simplicity of the bike so far as well. It died about 5 times on the way back from Tiki on saturday, so I pushed it from College Ave home and checked the plug figuring it might have been super fouled. Plug was alright so I pulled the carb off, gave it a quick clean and put it back on the bike. I was on the road again in 45 minutes and the bike has been running great since, likely related to filling up with shitty gas at a certain location in Regina that shall remain nameless for now, but its in the south end and you can probably guess it. Hoping to rip out to the motocross track soon and get laughed at by 10 year olds on 50cc bikes that ride more aggressively then I can ever hope to. Hope everybody's summer is off to a good start!!! BRAP BRAP

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