Sunday, June 9, 2013


I'm gonna miss her a ton but I needed a bigger bike for Monica and I both to be on and shralp all day. There's a before picture and the afters of the 1978 Honda CB400TII that I paid $500 for just over a year ago. This summer I sold it for $2500 and bought me another project! This 1998 XL883 with the 1200cc kit in it already.

Big ups to Dagean and Murray for telling me about 501 been a good year learning bikes and meeting a bunch of you dudes! Can't wait to rip this bike apart and make er into something rad. Monica and I will be traveling out to the coast and out east this summer so we will be in touch for some hangs!


Monica is now tearing it up with 50CC's on her Gold 2009 Yamaha BW50 and I almost impulsed bought that XL500 a while back but an enduro bike is next up for me. Also I Almost lost my license when I borrowed that Husky SM450 from the shop the other weekend. Sorry for the huge post I hope to be back posting more often again.



  1. Fuck yea man! Glad that your a part of it, stoked on that sporty too! Let us know when your coming west, if you need a place to crash too. Lets party!

  2. Fuck yeah Jesse, Rulin it!! that XL 500 woulda been the beez goddamn kneez. post more often, this was awesome!

  3. also buying that CB for 500 and selling for $2000 more is so sick hahaha!!