Wednesday, June 12, 2013

shralp saturdays #2!

Due to a technical mishap (surprise rain monsoon storm) on Saturday, I decided to call off Shralp Saturday as some people from out of town decided they didn't want to ride in and some people in the city also didn't want to ride in the pouring rain either. It was rescheduled for Sunday, and once again at 6:30 on Sunday it decided to pour AGAIN. As soon as I showed up at the meeting spot I received around 6 texts from people backing out on the ride which was a bummer, but I still had hope some would show up. Soon enough Ben and Shannon pulled up, and then Alistair, Nolan and Elias. We waited around and once it was obvious nobody else was going to show up, we took off. It then began raining just as hard if not harder then when the event was called off the previous day and within 5 minutes everybody was drenched. Elias took us on a killer route he planned out and even though the weather couldn't have been worse, the actual ride itself couldn't have been more fun. We zig zagged through the burbs with basically zero visibility due to the intense rain and overall had a blast. Elias's pod filters got wet and his bike started to struggle and backfire, so we decided to take cover and get a beer, shoot dice and attempt to dry off which was pointless because everybody was so soaked if we had just jumped in a pool fully clothed we would have probably looked the same.

Beer's were downed and dice were shot, duckets were won and street cred was built, and once we walked back outside the sky had cleared up and the rain had stopped. We then decided we would finish the rest of the route. The 2nd portion of the ride was the most fun i've had on a shralp saturday yet. We ripped through the industrial area which had no police and no cars, nolan was urban enduroing left and right, nobody rode in lanes anymore and things got wild. We made one last stop for a dice game, urban enduro'd again and then headed home. I love these rides so much and every time they happen I wish all the 501 doods and dudettes could be joining along, ESPECIALLY  the ones that basically LIVE IN THE CITY *cough* ANDY WELSH* *cough*.

Next one is gonna be an out of town over nighter where we will go into the wild and conquer mother nature/drink 5060 beers. Can't wait! (sorry for the long post!)

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